About us: Ruth Chernaik, a NYC and Sag Harbor resident, has been in the antiques and vintage business in the Hamptons for over 15 years. Her history in fashion is lifelong. She worked as a fashion designer, specializing in crochet garments. Later on, her work progressed to interior designer: so heavily inspired by fashion, it was her true culmination of style and design. She is a well-traveled, cultural anthropologist. Ruth has a keen eye for trends and exceptional sense for styling, as she understands how quickly history repeats itself in fashion! Within her business at Out Of The Closet vintage, she is a master in the creation and restoration of vintage garments, accessories and jewelry.

Lucy Martin has been in the vintage clothing business long before it became a well excepted trend and fashion statement. She owned a store near Woodstock, NY, for 10 years back when young aspiring fashion designers came into her shop with their sketch books in hand. She is one of the pioneers of the business . She maintains a massive inventory of vintage from two centuries, and is always on the look out for important pieces. Lucy has a keen eye for style and knows what great potential a garment or object may hold. She enjoys redesigning and refashioning vintage pieces into something extremely desirable. Ultimately, her true love and passion is Victorian period garments. She holds a collection as large as the costume houses in NYC.